The Company

Our Mission

To provide technology that enables low cost, low energy, clean bio-separation of ligno-cellulosic material for the production of energy products and platform chemicals.

To develop, commercialise and licence our technology for small, medium and large biorefining purposes.

To facilitate the integration of the Bio-Sep separation process as a front-end technology into the biorefining industry.

The Team

Malcolm Gates


An economist and financial business manager with extensive experience in Global Corporate Asset Management

Anthony McGarel Groves

Finance Director

An experienced chartered accountant with an investment career from the City and the Middle East

Kenneth Day


Former marine engineer with a background in acquisition, logistics and operations management


Geoffrey Drage, OBE


Geoffrey has many years experience of technology commercialization and corporate strategy, governance and finance.

Miranda Lindsay-Fynn


Former tech entrepreneur with experience in marketing and distribution in the UK and Asia

David Dutton


A successful property entrepreneur and executive director within a major UK media group. Currently chairman of a subsidiary of UCL founded to commercialise their innovations.