Low Energy – Bio-Sep uses an ultrasonic enhanced organosolv process, which permits a significant reduction in energy from that required by conventional bio-refining operations.

Clean – Use of non-toxic organic chemicals, ensures it is a clean process having minimal impact upon the surrounding environment.

Adaptable – The technology can be applied across a wide range of different forestry, plantation and agricultural biomass sources.

Carbon Neutral – The process is carbon friendly from end to end; carbon dioxide absorbed by the biomass during growth is retained throughout the refining stages.

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BSL Process Diagram

Unlock the hidden value from Biomass

Bio-Sep technology offers the opportunity to create value from surplus feedstock, by-products and process waste from

  • Hard and soft woods
  • Straw, miscanthus and rye grasses
  • Sugar cane bagasse
  • Palm fronds

These ligno-cellulosic biomasses are cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin-rich. Bio-Sep technology will separate out these building blocks which are in high demand for bio-based products.

Bio-Based Products

The bio-based market is developing at a rapid pace as consumer awareness and demand and increases for bio-based products. A core concern to the producers of bio-based products is the lack of a consistent supply of affordable, non-food, 2nd-generation cellulosic sugars and lignin. Bio-Seps carbon neutral separation process could be the solution to this problem

Cellulose: platform chemicals, paper and printing products, textiles, fibres, plastics, building materials, paint, lacquers, etc.

Sugars: pharmaceuticals, food and drink supplements, cosmetics, domestic and personal products, veterinary and agricultural uses etc.

Lignin: platform chemicals, and as a binder, dispersant, emulsifier and energy source.

Pilot Plant

BIOSONIC FP7 EC Project – a successful completion of project to build and validate a prototype pilot plant. Final reports have been submitted to the European Commission for review. These contain a detailed business strategy for the European Forestry Associations to exploit opportunities utilising Bio-Sep embedded technology within a bio-refinery. A blue print engineered design; software management programme; plus economic and life cycle analysis for the pilot plant have been independently concluded.

Pilot Plant Front