Improving Efficiency Bio-Sep Pilot Plant

Bio-Sep Patented Process
Technical development – 2019 recorded a milestone in the completion of pilot plant (#1) trails to gain data that has enabled the Company in collaboration with MTC of Coventry and under advice from Dr Simon Acey to optimize the efficiency of design and engineered process to meet industrial and upscaling standards. Based upon this development BSL is constructing in Q1 2020 a remodelled pilot plant (#2) which has been designed to reduce the amount of time the slurry will spend in the reactor, resulting in significant improvements in the process economics. There are also plans to trial a wider range of inputs and facilitate collaborative projects with commercial businesses directly suited to their existing processing needs.

Consulting Personnel – The following specialist relationships are maintained into 2020

  • Chemistry: Dr S Acey (former senior head of R&D at Dow Corning); Dr N Shah (Imperial College, London); Dr A West (University of Coventry).
  • Ultrasonics: Dr D Bates of Bubbletech S.A. Zurich
  • Business analysis: G Brown – Deanham Consultancy.
  • Business Development: Dr J-M Bassett Chem4chem, Amsterdam.

R & D –  ‘Development of a process to valorise Lignin’ – A PhD project co-sponsored by Scottish Forestry with Eva Steele, PhD Student, a recent graduate of Biological Sciences from Edinburgh University. First steps have been to analyse the lignin produced from the Oak trials in 2019. Once PP#2 is commissioned we will be working with Sitka Spruce provided by Scottish Forestry and looking at ways to valorise the lignin being produced. A key initiative to producing high value, marketable lignin.

Current Objectives – We are actively looking for strategic investors and partners to scale up the technology to a demonstrator plant. For chemicals companies interested in our products, we have product samples available for sampling if required. Please get in touch and set up a meeting if you want to find out more about our technology and development strategy.

Where to Find us – We will be at the following conferences in Q1 2020, please reach out to arrange a meeting.

  • IBioIC in Glasgow January 2020. – Attending Miranda Lindsay-Fynn
  • European Chemistry Partnering – We will be attending and have been invited to pitch in the circular Economy Pitch session by Clariant, a key player in producing Bio-Plastics, in Frankfurt February 2020 – Attending Miranda Lindsay-Fynn
  • Bioket  – 10-12 March 2020 Strasbourg, France – Attending Jean-Marie Bassett