Bio-Sep News May 2019

Bio-Sep Company News

Bio-separation process technology

Technical development: The Pilot Plant trial programme is nearing completion. This has provided valuable data to enable enhancements to the Bio-Sep engineered process to separate woody fibres and refine chemical outputs to achieve a level of over 85% production efficiency. The detailed engineering process review completed by MTC of Coventry working with our specialist consultants over the year has defined an optimized process design of a pilot demonstration plant that will measurably raise the production efficiency to a competitive economic industrial scale.

Personnel: Dr Simon Acey (a former head of R&D at Dow Corning) and Dr Jean-Marie Bassett (formerly of R&D at Royal Dutch Shell Chemicals and recently TNO sales based in Amsterdam) continue to provide advice upon future technical and business related partner opportunities in our quest to succeed in establishing a commercial business.

R & D – Bio-Sep has been invited to be the industrial partner for a PHd project fully funded by the Scottish Forestry Commission that will valorise our Lignin. This will commence in October this year and will run for four years.

Finance –  £0.5M is to be raised from new investors to broaden our current shareholder base.