Phase 2 Trials Now Underway – News from Bio-Sep

News from the Technical Team
‘Phase 2’ trial programme has now started. Utilizing hardwood input for testing and optimising the pilot plant technology. The trials are progressing well, with each round we measure increased conversion rate of the woody biomass into its core components.

Product Development
With our current trials schedule, we expect to have samples of our three outputs by late Autumn:
Hemicellulose as a mix of C5 and C6 sugars in liquid phase
Cellulose in solid phase
Lignin in liquid phase (Organosolv)

Fractionating Woody Biomass into Hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin

These samples will be made available for testing by potential partners or customers. Please contact us if you have an interest in one or all of our products.

Patent update: We have successfully achieved near-global coverage of our National patent filings, with the final few under review and expected to soon be awarded.

Commercialisation Plans: MTC of Coventry are midway through their review with delivery expected late Autumn. They will be presenting an economic plan for a commercial demonstrator with Bio-Sep technology at its core.

We are pleased to announce that Dr Simon Acey has been engaged as a consultant to advise upon planning toward commercialisation.  Dr Acey was the head of R& D at Dow Corning for 25 years leading a team of scientists exploring and developing new technologies in speciality chemicals from the build of pilot plants to successful up-scaling for commercial economic operation in various global locations.