Technology Update

Bio-separation process technology
  • Pilot Plant Trials Commence: spruce and oak feedstock is now being processed by the pilot plant. The chemical output is being analysed by Warwick University, and results are starting to come in. Once the initial trials are complete, samples of the C5, C6 sugars and lignin solutions will be available for testing for their potential downstream applications. Please contact us if you have an interest in the chemical output or wish to visit the pilot plant which is located in Melton Mowbray at Pera business park. email contact

  • Feasibility Study: The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) of Coventry started work to analyse the results of the trials and demonstrate the business case for a scale up of technology.

  • Market Research:  the University of Surrey are carrying out a funded market research project to develop plans for the commercialisation of the sales software package that we co-developedThe software is designed to assess the economic viability of locations for biomass refineries taking into account feedstock supply, transport and logistics support and local energy and water costs. If you have an interest in this software and its potential applications please contact us. email contact

  • Grant Applications: we have applied for a joint UK/ India government grant with the University of Surrey, Mumbai University and an Indian industrial participant for the application of Bio-Sep technology at demonstrator level within the Indian Sugar Industry. Bio-Sep are open to discussing additional consortia grant applications for our technology.

  • Events: We will have a representative at the Global Bio-Markets Conference in Amsterdam, 21st-22nd March. If you are interested in hearing about our technology and its output and potential applications don’t hesitate to get in touch and set up a meeting.