Scaling up Bio-Sep Technology

The bio-based market is developing at a rapid pace as consumer awareness and demand and increases for bio-based products. A core concern to the producers of bio-based products is the lack of a consistent supply of affordable, non-food, 2nd-generation cellulosic sugars and lignin. Bio-Seps carbon neutral separation process could be the solution to this problem.

As the program of trials are starting, we are reaching out to potential partners and stakeholders for the planned commercial plant. As Bio-Sep will be providing the core technology of the plant other key stakeholders will include:

Input Providers – forestry and other biomass producers
Output Utilisers – chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and materials technology companies
Engineering consultants
Technology providers

Any companies interested in finding out more about Bio-Seps technology and commercial plans should contact us via email

BIOSONIC FP7 EC Project – Bio-Sep acting as ‘project coordinator’ has received from the EC review panel confirmation that the “Final Technical Report” was a success. Actions continue to be advanced to complete commissioning of the pilot plant and related trial programme.

Commencing Trials – A trial program is planned to start during the month of November using Spruce as the initial feedstock.

Technical development: MTC of Coventry are commencing a ‘discovery programme’ using the pilot plant and the data from the trial program to model a scaled up commercial plant with the Bio-Sep technology.

New appointments: The Company has engaged Darren Bates of Bubbletech AG, Zurich as a sonication consultant.  Darren had previously worked with the BioSonic Project as an agent for consortium member Telesonics of Switzerland.