BioSonic Press Release

 EC FP7 BioSonic Project

New technology for sustainable biomass processing Pilot plant ready for scale up to commercial demonstration The BioSonic research consortium has finalized its 3 year innovative technology development project upon the valorization of biomass. This project has successfully engineered an efficient process to capture the advantages of Bio-Sep Limited embedded technology to economically separate wood fibre particles into their chemical components. This is achieved using non toxic chemicals, and operating at low pressure and relatively low temperatures to produce a natural chemical output.

A “mini bio-refinery” pilot plant has been designed, commissioned and demonstrated, and Forestry Association members have confirmed this meets the needs of the European Forestry sector, who seek to add value through diversification of processing wood into chemicals.

The pilot plant is located at consortium member PERA Headquarters in Melton Mowbray, UK until end of April 2016 and available for viewing. A comprehensive programme of tests, using ligncellulosic hard and softwood feedstock, to further validate and optimize the ongoing processes. The processing of alternative feedstocks will follow – such as straws, grasses, sugar cane bagasse and other plantation waste such as palm husks and fronds.

The BioSonic project has generated considerable knowledge for the consortium over the past 3 years and enabled a scale up to be modelled for a revenue producing demonstration bio-refinery, duly confirmed as an attractive economic business with a processing capability of circa 50,000 tonnes p.a. for the production of platform chemicals from a renewable source.

Considerable research into opportunities for the beneficiaries of this project has been conducted identifying key market segments and major industrial beneficiaries ranging from forestry owners to food, pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals, textile and packaging as potential consumers. The consortium has broadcast the attraction to members of the European Forestry Associations and a wide range of potential industrial beneficiaries.

Consortium members have assigned all interests for ongoing commercial development to Bio-Sep Limited through whom access to this patented technology and research project may be obtained for future application. To access information upon future commercial development please submit your request to

The EC FP7 supported 3 years of BioSonic project development commenced on 1 January 2013. Consortium members are:


  • Viken Skog SA (Oslo, Norway).
  • Confederation of European Forest Owners (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Confederacion de Organisaciones de Selvicultores de Espana (Madrid, Spain)


  • Bio-Sep Limited (UK)
  • Telsonic AG (Switzerland)
  • Autico Limited (UK)


  • Imperial College (London, UK)
  • Healthcare and Environment Agency (Melton Mowbray, UK)
  • Novamina Innovative Technology Centre (Zagreb, Croatia)

Please refer to BioSonic website: for more information and points of contact. For release on 15 March 2016 by the BioSonic Project Consortium