Bio-Separation Process

Unique Bio-Separation Process

Bio-Sep Limited was set up to own, exploit and commercialise an innovative and disruptive technology, which promises to provide the ‘new oil’ for a number of strategic industries both within the UK and the EU, but eventually worldwide.

Bio-Sep Limited has filed and owns the patent for an innovative pretreatment ‘clean separation’ technology for separating the key components of biomass: lignin; cellulose; hemi-cellulose.  These separate components have a broad range of potential downstream uses in industry including biofuels, chemicals (replacing petrochemical feedstock), paper and agriculture.  More specific, intermediary chemicals produced from the cellulose of this separation process, such as levulinic acid and furfural, have potential markets including specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foodstuffs and energy.

BSL Process Diagram

Bio-Sep aims to focus upon where immediate added value exists.

Advancements toward commercialisation by Bio-Sep Limited:

  • Instigation and participation in a National ‘generic’ survey, commissioned by North East Processing Industries Corporation (NEPIC), and independently conducted by National Non-Food Crop (NNFC) entitled ‘Biomass for transport fuels and chemicals’.
  • Local research into ‘supply chain’ aspects of forestry and agriculture; planning criteria and constraints.
  • Further testing of our technology using ultrasonics was completed by Centre for Processing Innovation (CPI), Redcar.
  • Project review conducted by The Technology Partnership, Cambridge, to define BSL macro opportunities, and early stage business action plans to focus BSL activities upon potential customers needs for platform chemicals; application of BSL control system; and to commence assessment of preferred business model best suited to capture opportunities identified.
  • An external professional review of Bio-Sep Limited evolving Business Plan to achieve commercialisation – critiqued and financed by Finance South East and South East Environment Development Agency (SEEDA).
  • CPI has been retained to carry out DOE prior to engineering a blueprint design for optimizing a prototype for POC (proof of concept).