• Bio-separation process technology

    Technology Update

    Pilot Plant Trials Commence: spruce and oak feedstock is now being processed by the pilot plant. The chemical output is being analysed by Warwick University, and [...]
  • Scaling up Bio-Sep Technology

    The bio-based market is developing at a rapid pace as consumer awareness and demand and increases for bio-based products. A core concern to the producers of bio-based [...]
  • Bio-Separation Process

    Unique Bio-Separation Process Bio-Sep Limited was set up to own, exploit and commercialise an innovative and disruptive technology, which promises to provide the ‘new [...]

Bio-Sep – Low Energy Fractionation Technology

Bio-Sep has developed a novel, low energy, clean fractionation technology capable of separating biomass into high purity cellulose, hemicellulose in the form of sugars, and lignin.

Bio-Sep was formed in 2007 to solve the problem of economically processing renewable forest, plantation and agricultural biomass into high value platform chemicals for the biobased industry.

Our technology is now at demonstrator phase, contact us for more information or to arrange a site visit to see the technology.

About Us

  • Our Mission To provide technology that enables low cost, low energy, clean bio-separation of ligno-cellulosic material for the production of energy products and platform [...]


  • Low Energy – Bio-Sep uses an ultrasonic enhanced organosolv process, which permits a significant reduction in energy from that required by conventional bio-refining [...]