Bio-Sep – Low Energy Fractionation Technology

Bio-Sep has developed a novel, low energy, clean fractionation technology capable of separating biomass into high purity bio-chemicals; crystalline  cellulose, hemicellulose sugar syrup, and soluble lignin.

Bio-Sep was founded to solve the problem of economically processing renewable forest, plantation and agricultural biomass into high value platform chemicals for the biobased industry.

Our technology is now at pilot demonstrator phase, contact us for more information about our products or to arrange a site visit to see the technology.

About Us

  • MISSION: To commercialise our patented technology that turns low-value forestry and agricultural residue into bio-based chemicals for profitable revenue streams. TECHNOLOGY: [...]


  • A fast, efficient, stable & reliable chemical process operating with a lower environmental footprint compared to alternative systems. FLEXIBLE: different fibrous raw [...]